Get ready to let your imagination run wild the My Magical Unicorn Stuffed Animal with Light & Sound by Gund! This plush white unicorn measures sixteen inches tall, thirteen inches long, and is durably built to last through years of exciting playtime and cuddling. This wonderfully crafted white stuffed unicorn is all about making the impossible possible and the unbelievable believable. A huggable body, shiny silver horn, sparkling bridle, and a rainbow-colored mane and tail are sure signs that this light-up unicorn stuffed animal does not mess around when it comes to looking and being fantastic. There is also a gold star with rainbow trails on its hindquarter! Oh, and then there are the light-up wings. Light. Up. Wings. How fun is that? The wings are sparkly silver like the horn and light up when you pet the stuffed unicorn's back. Petting also activates the magical sparkling sounds. Gund's My Magical Unicorn specializes in making dreams come true and creating happiness for everyone.